Face Masks With Anti

Face Masks With Anti

US- A-6, 551, 608 discloses a porous thermoplastic material substrate and an antiviral substance made by sintering a minimum of one antiviral agent with the thermoplastic substance. US-A- 7,029,516 discloses a filter system for eradicating particles from a fluid comprising a non- woven polypropylene base upon which is deposited an acidic polymer similar to polyacrylic acid. US-A-2004/ discloses a filter materials comprising a network of fibres with an acidic substance deposited thereon, which can be an acrylic polymer. US-A- 2005/ discloses a filter block which can be handled with numerous anti viral polymers, principally cationic polymers. The polyester materials used was a proprietary nonwoven material made up a hundred% of polyester fibres, designated by its provider 100 % polyester gsm NT MSQ 180G/M2 BLANC LZE MM non woven cloth.

Water repellent technology– balances humidity and temperature ranges while repelling droplets containing viruses and bacteria. A masks in accordance with claim 3 whereby the air-permeable substrate includes a non- woven polypropylene. A mask in accordance with claim 1 wherein the air-permeable substrate includes a fibrous substrate. Further experiments have been carried out utilizing a polyester substrate material.

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Alternatively the substrate could also be in the form of an open-cell foam, e.g. a polyurethane foam as is also used for air filters, for instance in nasal air plugs. The filter materials described herein could also be made in various ways, during which the air- permeable substrate is combined with the acidic polymer. Other appropriate acidic polymers are believed to include polyvinyl phosphonic acids. Acidic polymers which have been found helpful for the needs herein have been found to have molecular weights in the range 30,000 to 2,000,000 but molecular weight does not seem like important, and this may be merely an exemplary vary.

Typically the filter materials could also be in sheet or pad form, typically corresponding to the shape of a starting sheet or pad of the fibrous substrate, appropriate for use in the above- mentioned face mask. Such sheet or pad kind supplies could be made into a suitable shape for a face mask of usually known form in a recognized manner. Face masks could be made from such supplies using known mask-making processes, e.g. moulding / folding. Accordingly in a further aspect of this invention a process for making a face mask is provided comprising offering a filter materials as described herein and forming the filter material into a face mask. One kind of such a filter contains a fibrous or particulate substrate on which is deposited, upon the floor and/or into the bulk of such fibres or particles, a substance which captures and/or neutralises virus and/or other micro-organisms of concern.

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An example of a steel salt of this sort is zinc chloride. As used herein the term “acidic polymer” features a polymer having acidic teams alongside its backbone, e.g. as facet teams. Suitable acidic groups are carboxylic acid teams. The acidic polymer could also be cross-linked or linear.

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It has also obtained European regulatory approval and carries a CE mark, which means it has been independently reviewed.

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